.Govt. Opium & Alkaloid Works, Ghazipur is housed in a number of buildings, as detailed

Sno Buildings Name & Number Sanctioned Strength of Workers Working Strength of Workers Equipments/Machines/Instruments available in the building Activities Done in the building
01 Malkhana (B.No.07,06,86) 22 06 Containers storage of Opium
02 Abkari & Drug Room (B.No.5,13) 52 08 Mixer Cum Driers, 10 Aluminum lined long trays along with mechanical stirrers Packing and export of opium; sales of drugs
03 Engineering Section (B.No.30) 57 35 Tools and tackles for maintenance of water pumps, water supply, Electricity, buildings and DG sets etc.

For maintenance of water pumps, water supply, Electricity,

buildings and DG sets etc.

04 General Store (B.No.30) 97 46

Bins for storage of material

Receives/ issues

the stores required for works and office and maintains inventory

05 (mother unit) (B.No.08) 138 68

Extractors, vessels, centrifugal machines, vacuum pans, extraction column

Production of Semi-finished drugs

06 Narcotine Section (B.No.13) 69 44 Centrifugal machines, pans, sieving machines, drying machines and muffle furnaces

Production IMO powder and Narcotine analysis of productions for ascertaining quality

07 Workshop (B.No.14) 41 17 Engineering tools and tackles, pumps motors Maintenance of Plant and Machinery
08 (finished drug unit) (B.No.20) 55 41 Reaction Vessel, Centrifugal machines, Digester Production of finished drugs
09 R & D Section. (B.No. 108) 10 08 Muffle Furnace, pH Meter, HPLC, Ultrasonic Bath, Water Purification Unit, Rotavapor, Water Distillation Unit, Solvent Filteration Unit for HPLC, Content Temperature Water Bath, Centrifuges, MoistureAnalyzer, Digital Polarimeter, FTNIR, UV VIS Spectrophotometer, Digital Melting Point Apparatus, HPTLC and Pilot Plant Analysis and Sampling of Opium and finished drugs.
10 Boiler House (B.No.107) 20 06 2 Oil Fired steam Boilers Generation of steam required for production of drugs
11 Guest House (B.No.59) 01(Cook) 01 04 Well-furnished suits Accommodation to officer's guests.
12 Dispensary 03(Doctor, Nurse, Compounder 02 Medical apparatus 04 Beds, Ambulance. Ambulance is not working condition.

Provides preliminary treatment to the

Opium factory staff and their families

13 Power House 15(Technical Staff) 02 03 DG set(02-320KV, 01- For the proper 200KV) For the proper electric supply during the cut of the electric supply of UPPCL
14 Administrative Building 104(Ministeri al Staff) 30 Office equipments Looks after all administrative work, purchased and finance.