The Head of the Organization is the Chief Controller of Factories with its office at  Block J, Ground floor, near NSIC Technical Centre Okhla Industrial Estate, PhaseIII, New Delhi - 110020. The Chief Controller is responsible for exercising overall supervision on the functioning of the Government Opium and Alkaloid Works, as well as the Finance and Marketing cell at New Delhi. The two Factories – one located at Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh at a distance of 76 kms from Varanasi and the other at Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh located 120 kms away from Udaipur, comprise of two units, the Opium Factory and the Alkaloid Works. The opium factory undertakes the work of receipt of opium from the fields, its storage and processing for export. The alkaloid works are engaged in processing raw opium into alkaloids of pharmacopoeia grades to meet the domestic demand of the pharmaceutical industry. Both these Factories are Headed by the General Managers who in turn are under the supervisory control of the Chief Controller of Factories.