Committee of Management

Organization Introduction

Committee of Management (CoM)

The overall supervision of the organization is vested with the Committee of Management (COM) under the chairmanship of the Additional Secretary (R), Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue. The COM is a high powered body set up by Govt. of India with effect from 1st March, 1970 with the powers of an Administrative Ministry to administer and supervise, Govt. Opium & alkaloid Works at Neemuch, M.P. and Ghazipur, U.P. The composition of the Committee is as under:

i. Special Secretary (Narcotics)/Additional Secretary, Govt. of India, In-charge of Govt. Opium and Alkaloids Factories Chairman.

ii. Financial Adviser (Finance), Member.

iii. Narcotics Commissioner of India, Member.

iv. Chief Controller, Govt. Opium & Alkaloids Factories, Member - Secretary.

v.  Director (Rev. Lab.), CRCL, Member Chief Engineer (NZ), CPWD, Member.

vi. Director, DGS&D Member.

2. The decisions of the Committee are managerial and commercially sensitive not accessible to public and are executed through its Secretariat which functions as a link. between CCF organization and the main Ministry. The Secretariat of the Committee has independent status and has a separate budget for its functioning.

3. Further, the Secretariat of COM, apart from convening quarterly meetings of the Committee and taking subsequent follow up action on the decisions taken by it, also deals with various personnel and technical matters pertaining to the Undertakings, viz..

  • Creation of posts and framing of recruitment rules for various posts in Govt. Opium Alkaloid Works (GOAWS) &CCF organization
  • Appointment, confirmation and promotion to Group 'A' in GOAWS & CCF Organization with the approval of DOP&T/UPSC.
  • Modernization Administration and /up gradation of technology in GOAWS through Committee of Management. Replies to audit paras, Parliament Questions and VIP references pertaining to CCF organization.
  • Monitoring production and export performance in GOAWS.
  • Import of various Alkaloids through Technical Evaluation Committee constituted for this purpose and fixation of selling/import price of opium and various alkaloids to meet the demand of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry for life saving drugs.