Organization History

The organization of the Chief Controller of Factories was established in the year 1976, in order to have a better control and management over the two Government Opium and Alkaloid Works. Prior to this, the Narcotics Commissioner of India was the Head of this Organization with Deputy Narcotics Commissioner stationed at Kota (Rajasthan), Neemuch (Madhya Pradesh) and Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh). The said Bureau controlled the cultivation of licit opium and was an enforcement agency to check the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs. The Deputy Narcotics Commissioner, in addition to their own work was also looking after the Govt. Opium and Alkaloid factories. In the year 1976, the duties of the Narcotics Commissioner were split in order to improve the production of Opium and Alkaloid Works. The Chief Controller of Factories was appointed to control and supervise all functions of the factories. Likewise the responsibilities of the Deputy Narcotics Commissioner to run the opium factories ceased and the General Manager took over as Chief Executive in the factory reporting to the Chief Controller of the Factories.