Manufactured Drugs

Manufactured Drugs :-


At GOAW Neemuch, the alkaloid extraction process from opium starts with preparation of the broth by mixing the opium with dilute acetic acid. The opium broth is then chilled to separate out gums/ resins present in the opium. The filtered broth is first extracted with toluene at pH by counter current extraction process. The toluene extract at pH 5 is then treated with dilute sulphuric acid. The aqueous phase is then treated with alkali to recover the crude narcotine. The crude narcotine is further processed to get the S.R. Narcotine and S.R. papavarine. S.R. narcotine further purified to get the noscopine BP. The second stage toluene extraction then carried out at pH 12 and the toluene extract is processed for recovery of the alkaloids namely, codeine and thebaine. The toluene extract at pH 12 is concentrated and treated with the alcoholic sulphuric acid and then filtered. The toluene filtrate is evaporated and treated with the alkali to recover the S.R. thebaine, which is further refined to get pure thebaine. The residual paste refined with alcohol and then further processed to recover codeine (natural). The aqueous filtrate then treated with sulphuric acid and ammonia for recovery S.R. morphine.

The S.R. morphine is further converted to codeine, which is termed as codeine (synthetic). For conversion of S.R. morphine to codeine (synthetic), S.R. morphine is first mixed with the potassium carbonate, tri-methyl phenyl ammonium chloride and toluene. The mixture is heated and distillation of mixture is carried out at the regulated rate. The distillate is then cooled and filtered. The filtrate contains both codeine and di-methyl aniline (DMA). To remove DMA from the filtrate, the filtrate is concentrated, pH adjusted to 5 with the acetic acid and heated with steam. The residual liquid is extracted with the toluene after adjusting the pH to 12. The toluene layer is separated, concentrated, cooled and centrifuged to get codeine (synthetic). Both codeine (natural) and codeine (synthetic) is further processed to produce codeine phosphate. Following products are manufactured at GOAW, Neemuch :

Following products are manufactured at GOAW, Neemuch;-


• Codeine Phosphate.                      • Thebaine Pure.

• Morphine Sulphate.                      • Nascopine.

• Oxycodone hydrochloride.            • Dihydrocodeine Bi Tartarate.

 • Hydrocodone Bi Tartarate.           • Pholcodine.